Tamara and Mr. President
"Mr. President" the Owl & Me, in Akihabara (秋葉原)

Hey, I’m Tamara(タマラ です)!

The extent of my Japanese abilities may well be:
"Watashi wa Tamara desu, Igirisu jin desu. Fukurou ga totemo suki desu." / "My name is Tamara. I am from the UK. I like owls a lot." But nevertheless, I decided to make Japan my home in 2016.



I fell in love with Tokyo during a two-week holiday in Japan and Korea in 2015. After a few excursions in Europe and a year of “life-admin”, I moved to Tokyo with a smile and two suitcases. I now spend most of my time memorising Kanji, discovering Japanese gardens and running through the streets of Shinjuku in search of new coffee shops. My ideal day would involve retro games or plum wine, or even more preferably, both.





WHO Exactly Is 'In The Aurora'?

Well, I probably need to give you a bit of background for this...  The Japanese way of saying 'Japan' is 'Nihon'  (or more formally, 'Nippon'). Written in Japanese characters, this is '日本', of which '日' means 'sun' and '本' means 'origin of'. So Japan is literally The Origin of the Sun, although this is usually translated to 'The Land of the Rising Sun'. You can probably guess that there's a story behind why Japan came to be called the Origin of the Sun in the first place - and it's not due to arrogance.  But anyway, back to the original question, 'Aurora' means 'The Dawn' or the 'Rising Sun'. So yeahhh, that's it. If that was pretty obvious and really didn't need an explanation then please let me know how much time I have wasted so that I can refund it. Please see conditions below.

N.B: Approximate answers will not be accepted. Payment will be made via IOU. No time will actually be refunded. If you like cats or owls, let's be friends. 

Thanks for stopping by! Arrigatou gozaimashita! ありがとうございました!Tamara. タマラ。