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Around Kagurazaka: Four Coffee Shops for the Soul

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Until my early twenties, coffee was reserved for late-night revision sessions or pretending to be a grown-up. I didn’t understand why adults liked it quite so much. I mean, didn’t they realise that they would smell like the breath of my maths teacher? But as it turned out, the more freckles I acquired, the more I loved coffee! Also, coffee breath isn’t too bad. It’s probably the only link to my maths background that I’ve got left these days, so I will enjoy my coffee breath for as long as I can, thank you very much. Anyway, without further adieu, here are my favourite coffee shops around Kagurazaka.




Nearest station: Waseda (Tozai Line)

Website: www.mojocoffee.co.nz


MOJO Entrance


Soy Latte and Flat White

Inside MOJO Coffee

Street View from MOJO Balcony Coffee Kagurazaka
Street View from the Balcony


My number one coffee spot. It’s one of my closest coffee shops, and on Sundays the surrounding roads are closed making it a peaceful hideout. I like to sit on the balcony watching parents and kids playing on their bikes, trikes and unicikes. Yes that’s right. Unicycles. Also, the coffee tastes as good as the warm banana bread.

There is also a MOJO near Kagurazaka station but there is no balcony ^-^.

Pros: Soy milk available, balcony, cheap, great coffee, lovely staff, warm atmosphere, warm banana bread, peaceful Sunday unicycle viewing.

Cons: No sofas (I was really scraping the barrel here), no books.


2. La Kagu

Nearest Station: Kagurazaka (Tozai Line)

Website: www.lakagu.com

Tokyo Warehouse Sets The Stage for The La Kagu Event Space
Photo credit: Keishin Horikoshi / SS Tokyo
Upstairs at La Kagu
Upstairs Seating with Books and a Small Gallery
Coffee. Food. Chill.


It was a difficult choice between MOJO and La Kagu as they are both fantastic for different things, but I prefer cosier MOJO. This building is a converted warehouse that was repurposed into a lifestyle-store-come-restaurant-come-coffee-shop. It’s worth visiting just to see how the building has been transformed! The lunch here is massively popular too, so try the special!

Pros: Incredible coffee, friendly staff, cheap, beautiful building, warm atmosphere, sofas, outside seating, gallery and books on the upper level.

Cons: No balcony (does that count?).



Nearest Station: Kagurazaka (Tozai Line)



This coffee store has books and a gallery, so I could love it for those reasons alone. You can also choose from different coffee beans. The seating area is relatively small so it may be difficult to visit here in a group!

Pros: Great coffee, friendly staff, good price, books, a gallery, warm atmosphere, outside seating.

Cons: Limited seating space, no soy options, no balcony.




Nearest station Kagurazaka (Tozai Line)


Books Coffee Sundries
Books at Book Coffee Sundries
Book and Coffee Heaven!

This elegant, and slightly posh, coffee joint is on pricier side (700 yen per coffee), but the modern décor and book selection makes it worth a visit  Oh yeah, and there is also a balcony ;).

Pros: Books, friendly staff, balcony, warm atmosphere, beautiful building.

Cons: Pricey, no soy options.



FYI – only La Kagu has WiFi but I didn’t include this in my review because I find WiFi in coffee shops to be both good and bad (long stories). 



If you have time to explore the area, why not visit a nearby Japanese garden? Next on the list for Kagurazaka is Akagi-ji, a modern shrine only five minutes away from Kagurazaka Station.



MOJO (No.1) is next to Waseda Station whereas the others are all within five minutes of eachother on the Waseda Dori highstreet.


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