Life in Japan: Running Away from Perfectionism

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After many months of bone-idleness, I’ve finally started running again. My biggest inspirations for going running on any given day are 1) the weather 2) if I have something interesting to listen to and 3) how much rice I consumed the day before. Historically, I always listened to ‘running music’. You know the vibe; ‘on-steroids’ mixed with ‘I’m […]

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Is Japan Expensive?: That Unanswerable Question Again…

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I struggle to answer the question “is Japan expensive?” time after time because, quite frankly, it depends who‘s asking. If you want a lazy answer then no, Japan isn’t expensive. Well, at least in my eyes it isn’t. Bloody hell, that sounds obnoxious, but I don’t mean it to, hear me out…   Japan isn’t cheap to me but I wouldn’t categorise […]